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Stella Renee Neri

Hello everyone, I’m Stella I live in Italy and this is my last year as a Dual diploma student. I’ve been enrolled for 3 years and can guarantee that this program will enrich you more than you can ever imagine. If like me, you’re looking for an authentic American experience while remaining in your home country with your loved ones, you will not go wrong by enrolling yourself! The Dual Diploma program offers you a 360 experience into the American culture with a vast choice of subjects you can choose from. These include American History, Psychology, Criminology, Photography, College prep, Journalism, and so on. Through your journey, you will be followed by American teachers who will host engaging live sessions and support you anytime. What I love the most, is the study program which is highly different from the European one. The American study program offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of course selection and study plan, and the overall score known as the GPA (Grade Point Average) is based on a credit system that focuses on the workload shown throughout the year instead of relying itself solely on test results. Furthermore, lessons promote active learning such as class discussions and group projects like the Breakout rooms in which you will be paired with students from all over the world, preparing you for our globalized world! This journey requires of course hard work and dedication, however, it will all be worth it because, at the end of it, you will attend a graduation ceremony in full American style, just like your favorite high school musical characters did! Pursuing a dual diploma program will foster personal growth, independence, and intercultural competence, all of which are required skills in today’s world, whether in America, in your home country, or on the other side of the globe.