Clubs and Activities

  • Social Media Club

    The purpose of the Social Media Club is for the Dual Diploma Students to use Social Media regularly to get ideas and exchange knowledge with other students as it relates to various student interests to create an online school community. Members will post regularly about high interest topics such as Sports, Fashion, Travel, Music, Movies & TV, Books etc. This will allow many of our Dual Diploma students to find a topic they relate to and participate in the online community.

  • Newspaper Club: 

    The Newspaper Club is designed to give Dual Diploma Students the opportunity to publish a formal Dual Diploma Newspaper. The newspaper will include interesting articles on global news, Dual Diploma news, entertainment, sports, fashion, and an alumni spotlight. The newspaper also includes creative fiction stories, poetry, drawings, comics, and jokes.

  • Live the Learning and Edutainment Programs:

    The Live the Learning and Edutainment Programs allow Dual Diploma students to interact with professionals who are experts in their fields. The Live the Learning and Edutainment Programs provide students with meaningful learning experiences from guest speakers that will prepare them for their future college careers and professions.

  • AIS Amici Club:

    The AIS Amici Club allows Dual Diploma students to have a rich cultural exchange by “meeting” Academica students from around the globe. As a member of this club, students will participate in fun and interactive online activities with other Academica students. The students at times may communicate with one another on their own. As part of the AIS Amici Club, students will work on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in a real-life setting. The AIS Amici Club will meet periodically with their club sponsor.