M/J Accelerated Mathematics Grade 6

Mathematics / Middle school

In grade 6 accelerated, instructional time will emphasize five areas: (1) performing all four operations with rational numbers with procedural fluency; (2) exploring and applying concepts of ratios, rates, percentages and proportions to solve problems; (3) creating, interpreting and using expressions, equations and inequalities; (4) extending geometric reasoning to plotting points on the coordinate plane, area and volume of geometric figures and (5) extending understanding of statistical thinking to represent and compare categorical and numerical data.
Curricular content for all subjects must integrate critical thinking, problem-solving, and workforce-literacy skills; communication, reading, and writing skills; mathematics skills; collaboration skills; contextual and applied-learning skills; technology-literacy skills; information and media literacy skills; and civic-engagement skills.

Prerequisites: 6th Grade Standing. Credits 1.0