Chinese 3 (HON) (Check for availability)

World Languages / High School

In Chinese III, students continue to expand their abilities in various aspects of Chinese Mandarin. Students continue to build their knowledge of vocabulary, sentence patterns, and grammar points in communicative contexts. They also enhance their Chinese Mandarin listening and speaking skills, such as pronunciation and intonation. Students learn more in-depth Chinese reading and writing strategies and skills. The Chinese III course greatly improves students’ reading abilities, and students are able to write in Chinese in various formats such as journal, letter, invitation, and essay. The course also enriches and fortifies the students’ knowledge and skills in writing simplified Chinese characters.
In this course, students learn more essential knowledge of Chinese culture, including the origins, histories, anecdotes, and etiquettes for various cultural settings, events, and occasions. Students also learn to compare and contrast the Chinese culture with their own cultures in many different aspects. Prerequisites: Chinese II, or equivalent. Credits 1.0