Science 4

Science / Elementary School

Grade 4 Science includes the three main domains of science which are physical, life, and earth and space science. Learners will use various kinds of experiments, including field studies, systematic observations, models, and controlled experiences. The course begins with the explanation of the scientific method which the students continue to use and build upon throughout the course. The big picture of the earth is examined as students review the life on planet Earth, salt and fresh water, and fast and slow changes that occur on the planet. Students go beyond planet Earth, though, as they study galaxies, the solar system, and other planets. Students examine the ways that forces and motion can be measured and the concept that a single kind of matter can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas. Grade 4 science uses many modes of instruction including video presentations, enrichment activities, and hands-on experimentation.

Semester B of Grade 4 Science focuses on the relationship between heat, light, sound, and electrical energy and the way they can be transferred between each other. Learners distinguish between natural objects and objects made by humans as they examine technology and the role it plays in science. Students also look at the life cycles of animals, plants, and humans and how they interact with each other. The course ends by looking at the ways that humans interact with the environment. Students will use research skills, watch videos, and get their hands dirty as they complete projects that require them to dig through dirt and trash in order to learn broader lessons that have to do with helping the environment.