Social Studies 4

Social Studies / Elementary School

In Semester A of Social Studies 4, students will explore the early development of the United States. Students will explore the early Native Americans and interactions with early European Settlers and the establishment of the American colonies and early American government.

Students will learn about important documents in the founding of the United States and the establishment of rules and laws that has led to the formation of the federal and state governments as we know them today. Students will have the opportunity to explore their own state government and learn more about the rules and regulations that govern where they live.

In Semester B of Social Studies 4, students will expand on their learning from Semester B, and work their way through American History to post-WWII and science and inventions that started shaping the modern-day United States.

Various concepts including economics, the environment, and American geography will be explored to give students a better idea of all the facets that shape American lives today.