Journalism 1

High School / Electives

Understanding the role of the free press in America helps students to be better informed and more able to analyze media. In this course, students explore the history of journalism in the United States from its inception in the colonies and its key role in the 1st Amendment, all the way up to present-day issues regarding “right to know” and the changing landscape of journalistic media in the 21st century. Students acquire the skills and information needed to actively participate in the consumption, analysis, and creation of news media and have the opportunity to investigate the constantly evolving career opportunities within the field of journalism.
As students work through each module, they use Web 2.0 tools to respond to current news and shifts in journalism, create original projects, and reflect on the changing face of news. Authentic assessments, interactive examples, and self-checks deepen students’ understanding of the topics covered and prepare them for work or further study in the field of journalism. Prerequisites: None. Credits 1.0