Team Sports 1

High School / Electives

To improve and maintain optimum health, it is necessary for people of all ages to participate in physical exercise. There is little doubt that, in addition to students in schools, the number of adults participating in sports and recreational activities in the United States has increased in recent years.
Physical education is much more than just fitness and exercise. A well-planned program will cause you to think and express your emotions about different situations. In addition, a good program can make a valuable contribution to your education. These experiences will help you develop a sense of wellness. Emphasis in this course is placed on the value of these sports as possible lifetime activities and on creating a clear explanation of the rules and basic principles of a variety of sports. The sports covered in this course are archery, bicycling, golf, skiing, tennis, volleyball, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. Information about the playing area and equipment, basic rules, safety considerations, and terminology for each sport are included in the discussions. For the most part, the information presented in each lesson applies to sports programs throughout most sections of the United States. Prerequisites: None. Credits 0.5