Science 2

Science / Elementary School

Second Grade Science introduces students to the process of observation and how important it is to the study of science. Learners will identify their five senses and why they are critical to observation. Students will use these observation skills throughout the course as they examine many different types of animals and their environments. Students begin by observing ants in their own environments and continue onto learning the different types of birds. Students will come to understand plant and animal rhythms and will perform small experiments with plants. Stories will be used to teach the students about nature and interactions that humans have with nature. They will continue to learn about animals and their characteristics habitats, and needs. Students will learn through video, audio stories, hands-on participation, and observation with nature. The teachers will conduct live assessments for the topics that had been covered throughout the week’s lessons.

Grade 2 Science provides students with the opportunity to expand their minds and see for themselves the way that animals and nature are a part of their everyday lives. Semester B of Second Grade Science begins with the students learning the characteristics of the Weaverbird and Swiftlet bird. Learners will come to understand the different groupings of animals including those with vertebrates, invertebrates and warm and cold blooded animals, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Learners will be asked to recall the five senses that they discussed at the beginning of the course and compare them to the senses of animals. They will also learn how animals communicate and the relationship between animals and humans. The course ends with the students taking a closer look at the characteristics of reptiles, insects, birds of prey, and fish. At the close of the course students will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of animals and their habitats.