Who We Are

A School Like No Other

Academica International Studies (AIS) is an innovative private K-12 school that meets the needs of every student and prepares them for their future studies and careers. As part of Academica, a global network of public charter schools, digital learning communities, colleges, and non-profit organizations, AIS provides the perfect combination of experience and innovation.
Thanks to AIS, thousands of students in the United States and throughout the world currently make up an international educational network that can change lives. Our teachers are specialists across content areas and their dedication to the students is one of our main values: we strive to create a familiar learning envi- ronment, where education is as personalized as possible, and students develop exceptional technical skills that turn them into multilingual, multicultural individuals with a global mentality.

At AIS, we are proud to be able to offer our students extracurricular activities, advanced courses, and credit-recovery courses, to combine and drive their studies. And all of this online, from anywhere in the world.

Mission: The Mission of Academica International Studies (AIS) is to provide students with high-quality virtual learning content and services. AIS is committed to fostering the development of diligent and responsible life-long learners of the 21st century through the thoughtful use and continuous, data-driven improvement of interactive, media-rich educational opportunities in flexible, student-centered, virtual learning environments. Ultimately, AIS achieves success in surpassing national standards via the integration of student, teacher, parent, school, Governing Board, and community efforts in the direction of excellence in education.

Vision: AIS is dedicated to providing equitable high-quality education to all students.