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Adriana Carrillo

I am Adriana Carrillo, the Diploma Dual Program Coordinator and Head Librarian at Colegio Santa Maria in Bogota, Colombia. Santa Maria is a wonderful catholic internationally focused school that looks to bring out the best in young women across Bogota. I am very excited being part of this new program and look forward to growing with it.
During these past months, I have learned about U.S. curriculum standards and improved my English language skills to match the program’s needs. The best experience though has been watching our current students enrolled in Diploma Dual as they develop personal skills such as responsibility, autonomy and time management.
My qualifications include an undergraduate degree in modern languages and a master´s degree in literature in the digital age along with nearly 19 years in school experience. I read, cross stitch, and during the last couple of months, play drums in my spare time.