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Adriana Vaca

My name is Adriana Vaca, but I like to be called Adri; I am 14 years old. My family is not very big, but it is loving and incredible, most of my relatives live in Australia; I live with my dad and mom in my native country, which is my beautiful Ecuador. I am a fan of animals that’s why I have four beautiful dogs that sometimes drive me crazy. I am a friendly person; I am always willing to help whoever needs it. One of my dreams is to go to England to study at university and upon graduating be able to fulfill my most cherished dream, which is to be a doctor and specialize in plastic surgery. Some hobbies I have are playing basketball and baking desserts. Finally, my favorite holiday in the world is Christmas, not because of gifts but because I can share time with my family.
My reason for being in the Dual Diploma is because when they presented me with this idea of virtually studying a course in English that would be useful for my university future, I said I want to, because since I was little, I have been a person with clear objectives who takes the opportunities and does not waste them. I have always been worried about my future and my ultimate goal is to go to an English-speaking country, so I have to strengthen my English; and that is what the Dual Diploma is. Throughout my course, it has helped me a lot to understand better and increase my English, apart from the fact that it is a new experience that will surely open me the way to countless opportunities. Finally, and I think one of the reasons why I chose the Dual Diploma is to show the world what I am worth, so that they know that I do want to be something in life and prove to myself that I am capable of accomplishing everything that I propose.