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Alejandro Fuenmayor

I’m Alejandro Fuenmayor and I’m from Venezuela. I’m sixteen years old. My hobby is playing the guitar. I love music and, after I finish school, I want to study jazz music in a professional institute. Besides music I like to study History, Literature, Economics, and Politics because I think it is important to have an advanced knowledge about today’s world and how the actions of the past shape our present. I also enjoy watching movies, reading comics and playing video games. I joined the Dual Diploma Program two years ago because I wanted to have an advanced knowledge of grammar and pronunciation, learn about other subjects, and how the American educational system works. It is an opportunity to get a diploma from United States because I would like to study in the U.S. Today I am more than satisfied with this program because it has given me good memories and knowledge. I’m thankful because this is a reward for all of my effort in the Dual Diploma Program.