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Ana Carvalho

Hello, everyone! I’m Ana Carvalho, a passionate coordinator and teacher from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Teaching English has been my lifelong passion since I was 17 years old. Currently, I have the privilege of working at La Salle Santo Antônio, where I teach elementary and middle school students and coordinate the Dual Diploma Program. It is truly gratifying to be part of the same school where my daughters and I learned the foundations of literacy. This experience allows me to give back to both the community and the school. As the Dual Diploma coordinator, I am reminded of my own high school days in the U.S. This motivates me to inspire and guide our students in their personal and academic growth, so they can become exceptional and enlightened global citizens. Coordinating this program has been incredibly rewarding as I witness the growth of students as individuals and critics. Not only do they have the chance to enhance their English skills, but they also have the opportunity to expand their minds through groundbreaking content, cutting-edge technology, dynamic live sessions, and engaging assignments. It’s truly a remarkable experience. Let us all be fueled by our passion as we strive to make a difference in education worldwide.