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Ana Daisy Alvarez

Hi, my name is Ana Daisy Alvarez! I am currently the General English Curriculum Coordinator at Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Jesús in beautiful Guatemala.  My role is to improve the school’s English program through alignment and teacher-training, and more importantly, creating multiple opportunities for students to have a chance to learn about new cultures and have exposure to the language.  Thus, the reason that I am a firm believer is that the Dual Diploma Program is an excellent tool to help foster independent learning of English as a Foreign Language.

As an educator with twenty years of experience, I have worked with students ranging from Preschool to College, specializing in English Language Arts, English as a Second or Foreign Language, English Language Interventions, and training English teachers. These experiences have taught me the importance of teaching students to become strong and independent learners in order to tackle a world of new challenges and possibilities.