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Ana Sofia Duque Viaje

I am Ana Sofía Duque Viaje, a 14-year-old girl from eastern Venezuela who is currently
in her first semester in the Dual Diploma program. From first to eighth grade (elementary and
middle school), I studied at the International School of Monagas. I am currently studying at a local
private high school. Fortunately, this program gives me opportunities to gain more experiences in
a foreign educational system in addition to what my current high school provides. So far, my
experience in this program has been absolutely excellent; I adore how the system is so organized
and easy to understand. As well, the content and courses are very fascinating, eye-catching, and
full of valuable information that can be useful for now and later on in life. What I like about the
live sessions is that not only can we communicate directly with our teacher and classmates, but we
can also actively participate and share ideas with everyone. Definitely, I feel that the Dual Diploma
program is an excellent way to learn new things with very significant courses for our development
as students to open the doors of the world to us.