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Ángela Mena

Hi! My name is Ángela Mena. I have a degree in English studies, a Master’s degree on Spanish as a second language, another one on English as a foreign language and a PhD cum laude on Cultural Globalization and Contemporary Indian English Literature, as well as several contributions on different monographics and articles published. I have been working as an English teacher at Colegio Santa María del Naranco – Alter Vía since 2015. It was in 2017 when my school joined the Dual Program and since then I’m very happy to be an active part of it. We began with 5 students and now we are over 20 members in our Dual Diploma family. Even though I really enjoy researching on different fields, my passion is teaching, especially my 2nd Bachillerato students. I really love teaching and I can’t imagine my life without working as an English teacher.