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Angélica Bonilla

I am Angélica Bonilla, Program Director of Western International School’s Dual Program, in Honduras.
The 2020-2021 school year was our first year with ACADEMICA, and we already had six students and our first student graduate! As an Institution, we are enormously proud to be able to offer our alumni the possibility of obtaining an internationally recognized academic diploma, which will undoubtedly open many more doors in their path to the university and professional life.
The experience of our students was magnificent, all of them describe the process as enriching academically and culturally. All the teachers and Directors of ACADEMICA really put all their efforts into achieving the academic objectives but above all, they are great motivators and guides. Parents, who play a very important role in this effort made by their children, felt very well informed during the class period and were pleased by the virtual teaching system, which not only reinforces the learning of the English language, but also offers a very interesting variety of elective classes for the development of new skills. Working hand in hand with ACADEMICA, we will continue to bring this wonderful program to more young people in Honduras.