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Angelicarosa Cascone

My name is Angelicarosa, yet everyone calls me Angelica, and I live in a town near Milan. I am 15 years old and I attend the third year of the international scientific high school. I love music a lot: I have been playing the violin for many years, I’ve been playing the piano for two years and also I am part of an orchestra of young musicians. Among sports I prefer skiing because I like mountain views and being on the peaks makes me feel free. I like reading as well, especially Jane Austin and J. K. Rowling’s books: I am a true fan of Harry Potter and I belong to the house of Ravenclaw. I consider studying different languages very important for the education of children and that is why I enrolled in the Dual Diploma Program, in order to focus both on the study of the language and also on American culture. In fact, the experience of the Dual Diploma is turning out to be really formative, helpful, and interesting.