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Antonia Carolina Aigner

Hello, my name is Antonia, and I feel extremely honored to have been chosen as the Dual Diploma Student of the month for the month of November. It is a pleasure to work with Dual Diploma and I am looking forward to working with my teachers and schoolmates in the future!
I was born in North Carolina in the US and when I was very little we moved back to Austria. My sister is my best friend, and she is very dear to me. My hobbies include playing the cello, reading, and writing. I also love to ski, snowboard and hike which are very common sports here in Austria. History, politics and learning different languages have always been great interests of mine and I can see myself pursuing a career in those fields after I graduate.

One of my ultimate joys in life is travelling and getting to meet new people from all around the world. I have been very fortunate for I have seen a lot of countries so far because my parents allowed me too. After my graduation I am planning to go to the US and see as many places and cultures as possible.

I chose to do this program because I think it will help to improve my English a lot and give me the chance to maybe pursue a career in the US. The courses I am taking right now spark a lot of interest in me and I am looking forward to learning more about different topics. Having schoolmates from all around the world is also a new and exciting experience for me. My mother is an English teacher and introduced me to this program. She always has been a great supporter of my interests in the English language and history. All in all, I think this program will help me gain a lot of knowledge, become more independent in my studies, and broaden my horizon to new and interesting topics.