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Bettina Sosa

My name is Bettina Sosa. I was born in London 17 years ago. I moved to Barcelona (a very sunny city) when I was 5 years old and here is where I currently live. I have a younger sister named Patty. My mother is a painter and my dad is an engineer so I’ve always loved both arts and technology (more accurately math and physics). I love dancing, skiing, running, painting, cooking, travelling, and obviously going out with my friends. I’m very talkative, creative, and active. I speak five languages, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian (although it’s in process) and English. I’d really like to travel the world and maybe work for some years in a NGO (I’ve always considered social work very important and amusing, but for now I’ve only been in minor organizations). I’m always open to learning new concepts and my goal is to speak seven languages (maybe Russian and mandarin). I guess I’ll study engineering, but I still got other (radically different) options in hand such as diplomacy (I guess working in an embassy is a very intriguing job). This year is my last one at dual diploma. Throughout all these years, I think dual diploma has helped me discover the American culture in more detail, and a different way of learning (pragmatic). I would definitely recommend the dual diploma program to any student who wants to expands their culture while learning or improving their English.