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Clémence Acher

Hello, my name is Clémence Acher, I’m sixteen years old and I am a French student. During my free-time, I enjoy playing the piano and tennis and I am also fond of writing poems about all kind of topics. I really like the Dual Diploma because it allows me to improve my vocabulary, memorize new structures of English grammar (in English II classes) while studying current issues that face the world today (in Global studies classes). Actually, I learned so many things that help me in my daily routine! But my favorite moments remain the live sessions where you can talk, interact with other students and your teacher and discuss riveting subjects. When I signed up, the Dual Diploma was a real challenge for me as I discovered a new virtual world quite different than my French universe: I didn’t know if I would achieve the several assignments… But I made it and everyone can make it, so stay motivated, well-organized and above all be proud of your work!!!