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Theatre, Cinema and Film Production ElectivesHigh School

In Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production, a one-credit course, students explore the elements of theater and cinematic techniques used by those who create performance productions.

Team Sports 1 ElectivesHigh School

To improve and maintain optimum health, it is necessary for people of all ages to participate in physical exercise.

Sociology ElectivesHigh School

The world is becoming more complex. How do your beliefs, values and behavior affect the people around you and the world in which we live?

Social Media 1 ElectivesHigh School

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop fundamental skills in the use of social media across print, multimedia, web, and broadcast platforms, including ethical and legal uses

Reading for College Success ElectivesHigh School

This course is targeted for grade 12 students whose test scores on the Postsecondary Educational Readiness Test are below the established cut scores, indicating that they are not “college-ready” in reading.

Psychology 1 ElectivesHigh School

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the subfields within psychology.

Peer Counseling ElectivesHigh School

The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop basic knowledge and skills in communication, meeting human needs, and conflict resolution.

Law Studies ElectivesHigh School

Laws affect the lives of American adults and teenagers differently. In this course, students examine laws and court decisions that apply to all citizens, as well as those that specifically outline the rights of teenagers.

Journalism 1 ElectivesHigh School

Understanding the role of the free press in America helps students to be better informed and more able to analyze media.

JavaScript Program ElectivesHigh School

In this course, students will learn how to start programming with JavaScript. Students will learn the basics of JavaScript including testing, functions, objects, arrays, loops, conditional code, operators and syntax basics.

Intensive Reading ElectivesHigh School

The purpose of this course is to provide instruction that enables students to accelerate the development of reading and writing skills and to strengthen those skills so they are able to successfully read and write grade level text independently.

Forensic Science 1 ElectivesHigh School

Fingerprints. Blood spatter. DNA analysis. The world of law enforcement is increasingly making use of the techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes.

Driver Education/Traffic Safety Class ElectivesHigh School

Students will study the Highway Transportation System, road signs, rules of the road, accident avoidance, and making good choices behind the wheel. Students will begin to develop the skills necessary to become safe, responsible Florida drivers.

Digital Information Technology ElectivesHigh School

This course is designed to introduce information technology concepts and careers. Students will explore the impact that modern information technology has had on the world, people, and industry.

Culinary Arts 1 ElectivesHigh School

Thinking of a career in the food service industry or looking to develop your culinary skills? This introductory course will provide you with basic cooking and knife skills while preparing you for entry into the culinary world.

Culinary Arts 2 ElectivesHigh School

Baking, Pastry, and More! Whether you aspire to be a world-class chef or just want to learn the skills needed to create your own dishes, Culinary Arts 2 will help you build a strong foundation and grow your knowledge of this exciting industry.

Criminal Justice Operations 1 ElectivesHigh School

In Criminal Justice Operations 1, a one-credit course, is designed to introduce students to the fields of law enforcement, the court system, and the correctional system.

Career Research and Decision Making ElectivesHigh School

The purpose of this course is to further develop the career planning competencies mandated by section 1003.4156, Florida Statutes. This course will enable students to make informed career choices and develop the skills needed to successfully plan and apply for college or a job.

Art in World Cultures ElectivesHigh School

Who is the greatest artist of all time? Is it Leonardo daVinci? Claude Monet? Michelangelo? Pablo Picasso? Is the greatest artist of all time someone whose name has been lost to history? You will learn about some of the greatest artists while also creating art of your own, including digital art.

Art History and Criticism 1 Honors ElectivesHigh School

Students explore the role of art in history and culture through observation and analysis of significant works of art and architecture from Prehistory through the 16th century. Student historians investigate the societal context of works, considering traditional forms and conventions of representation, symbology, and the purposes for which the art was created.