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Pre-Calculus Honors MathematicsHigh School

Students, as mathematic analysts, investigate how advanced mathematics concepts are used to solve problems encountered in operating national parks.

Math for College Readiness MathematicsHigh School

Are you ready for college success? This course is intended for grade 11 or 12 students, whose test scores on the Postsecondary Educational Readiness Test (P.E.R.T.) are at or below the established cut scores for mathematics, indicating that they are not yet “college ready” in mathematics or simply need some additional instruction in content to prepare them for success in college level mathematics.

Geometry (HON) MathematicsHigh School

Throughout this course, we’ll take you on a mathematical highway illuminated by spatial relationships, reasoning, connections, and problem solving.

Calculus (HON) MathematicsHigh School

Students in this course will walk in the footsteps of Newton and Leibnitz. An interactive text and graphing software combine with the exciting on-line course delivery to make calculus an adventure.

Algebra 1 (HON) MathematicsHigh School

This course is designed to give you the skills and strategies for solving all kinds of mathematical problems.

Algebra 2 (HON) MathematicsHigh School

This course will begin with a review of basic algebra, travel through systems of equations, factoring, and radical and quadratic equations in the first segment.

Advanced Topics in Math MathematicsHigh School

Advance Topics in Mathematics is a course designed for students who are following the Algebra- Geometry-Algebra II sequence and have successfully completed a year in each of those courses.