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Science K ScienceElementary School

In Kindergarten Science, students in this course will use their senses to explore their world. Students experience nature walks, gardening, and imitative games by exploring varying concepts.

Science 2 ScienceElementary School

Second Grade Science introduces students to the process of observation and how important it is to the study of science. Learners will identify their five senses and why they are critical to observation. Students will use these observation skills throughout the course as they examine many different types of animals and their environments. Students begin by observing ants in their own environments and continue onto learning the different types of birds.

Science 5 ScienceElementary School

Grade 5 Science continues to build on the science skills that have been obtained in years previous. There will be an emphasis on earth and space science, life science, and physical science.

Science 4 ScienceElementary School

Grade 4 Science includes the three main domains of science which are physical, life, and earth and space science. Learners will use various kinds of experimenting, including field studies, systematic observations, models, and controlled experiences. The course begins with the explanation of the scientific method which the students continue to use and build upon throughout the course.

Science 3 ScienceElementary School

Third grade science introduces students to experimentation as they journey through the earth and its many miracles. They will begin by learning about the earth, the sun and the moon. By participating in simple experiments students will explore the water cycle, gravity, the weather and it’s patterns, various types of terrain, and the role of plants in the production of oxygen and their importance to human survival.