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Elliot Moya Navamuel

My name is J. Elliot, and I’m a 16-year-old boy living in Valencia (Spain).
I was born in Toledo (Spain), and spent my childhood there. After primary school, I went to live in Ireland, where I learnt to fluently speak English. After that, I went back to Spain (but not to my home town), then to Ireland again, and finally Valencia. So far it’s been a busy life, full of events, with many difficulties, which I’ve faced (maybe not so elegantly). I’m glad to say I belong to a great family (dad and mum, divorced, and two younger siblings), of which I’m the oldest sibling and only son. I have a passion for the sea, and wish to become a captain one day. I love music, literature, and other arts. I’m very glad to be alive and kicking!