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Fernando Isaac Martinez Garcia

Hi! My name is Fernando Isaac Martinez Garcia, and I am a 17-year-old student from Mexico. I am a great fan of STEM subjects. Some of my hobbies are watching movies, listening to Ed Sheeran songs, doing calisthenics, and spending time with my dogs. Also, I love to learn, as I passionately believe that education is the key to change the world. I decided to join the Dual Diploma program looking to improve my English skills. During this time, along with my teacher Lisa Baber, I have had fun live sessions and learned useful things for my day-to-day life. My school and my parents have taught me to work hard, be responsible, and honest. However, I want to leave you with a teaching that my sister and my old best friend gave me: the only impossible thing is the one you do not try, fight for your dreams!