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Filomena Martins

Hello! My name is Filomena Martins and I have been teaching English for 20 years now.
I have experience in other professional areas, as journalist, translator and marketing assistant. However, teaching is my true inner calling.
I have a master’s degree in Teaching English and German as Foreign Languages, a master’s degree in American Literature and I’m currently a PhD student in Intercultural Studies.

Last school year, my school, Escola Internacional de Torres Vedras in Lisboa (Portugal), accepted the challenge Academica International Studies had offered. Eduardo Castro, our director, is always searching for new challenges that may contribute to giving our students the best education towards excellence, has invited me to embrace this challenge. I grabbed this opportunity with all my heart and energy and in the middle of the pandemic chaos throughout the world, the Dual Diploma program was a light showing that there would be a future.
Among others, one of my tasks is to help my students keep on track and give them the confidence they need to ask for help to their teacher in the USA – this is a great contribution to their personal development and maturity.

I definitely believe this experience allows students to live a true international experience. When they have their live sessions, they share that moment with students from different countries which implies different viewpoints, different backgrounds, and even different accents. Moreover, the curricula itself is focused on the United States giving them a deep knowledge of a completely different culture.
Critical thinking, an essential competence for their future, is also developed through the program.

One of the things which impressed me the most, is the fact that my students had to learn how to manage time very well so that they could meet all deadlines. They have improved their IT skills, communication skills, both oral and written, and also their intercultural competence. In addition, they improve their self-esteem. The students become more confident in their capacities and more eager to improve them. Being a Program Director, I find it wonderful to witness the students’ growth, both as students and human beings and to know that somehow, I have participated in that process, makes me proud. I would say that this program is meant for students who are not afraid of challenges and overcome any difficulty or challenge.

Finally, I should say that I enjoy participating in the webinars for teachers which are a way of acquiring new tools, further knowledge and to become more aware of different learning approaches.