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Florencia Moré

My name is Florencia Moré, and I am a student in Argentina. I love spending time with my family; I am super close to them, and I appreciate everything they do for me with all my heart. During my free time, I enjoy reading a variety of genres and I consider myself to be an avid reader. Also, I am a sports lover, something that I share with my dad, and whenever we get the opportunity, we spend hours debating and cheering for our favorite teams on TV. I am keen on playing volleyball and I recently joined a club that is near my house. I aspire to compete a lot and participate in national leagues. As my friends say, I am a dreamer whose goals may appear unreachable, but no matter what, I will never give up. In addition, I am learning Italian and I would like to travel all around the world since people’s diverse cultures and languages seem extremely attractive to me. The Dual Diploma is a great step towards that, and I am very enthusiastic and grateful for this opportunity.