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Francesco Pestrin

“Hello everybody! My name is Francesco Pestrin and I’m 18 years old. I currently reside in a town near Udine, a small city in the north-eastern part of Italy. I’m attending the fifth year at “C. Percoto High School”, specifically called “Scienze Umane (opz. economico-sociale)”: this means that its main subjects are politics, economics, anthropology, and sociology. This is my second year in the Dual Diploma Program and choosing to complete it only in a couple years was not simple: I knew I would have to work hard, and I immediately understood that the word “easy” needed to be erased from my dictionary. However, I felt I could make it because I was enthusiastic, and have been able to retain that enthusiasm now as well. Being part of all this is fabulous and inspiring.

I’ve been playing the piano since I was 7 years old. I first played in a music school and then in the “J. Tomadini” Conservatory: this is one of my primary passions and I’m not only interested in playing classical music, but I also enjoy playing the blues and jazz. I usually give a hand to the local church by playing either the harmonium or the organ. Another passion I share with a few friends is filmmaking, and I’m aspiring to become a movie director and/or screenwriter because I guess this is one of the best jobs where one can express themselves.”