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Giulio Colombo

Hello, my name is Giulio Colombo, I’m fifteen, and I live in Italy. I’m currently attending the third year of high school. I incredibly like to play chess and tennis with my friends, but my favorite activity is rowing, and I practice it twice a week. My best-loved school subjects are history, math, and government, and for this reason, I immensely enjoyed my three-year course in the Dual Diploma Program, during which I learned new math topics and studied U.S. history and U.S. government. Furthermore, thanks to the Dual Diploma English courses, I was able to improve my writing and critical thinking skills, which help me almost every day at school and in many quotidian situations. The best thing about the DDP was participating in the live sessions and especially meeting experts in numerous fields thanks to the Let’s get Inspired email alerts. For instance, I listened to incredibly talented inventors like Steve Wozniak and the executive director of the Aerospace Medical Association, Jeffrey C. Sventek. In conclusion, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to attend this fantastic course, which has drastically improved my English skills and will undoubtedly help me achieve my future goals.