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Hugo Zamorano Sarda

My name is Hugo. I’m 15 years old and live in Madrid, Spain.  I have been in the Dual Diploma Program for two years. I signed up not only for the possibility of later entering an American university, but also because I found it an interesting way to improve my English. For me, the best part of Dual Diploma are the live sessions because the students can discuss interesting themes, videos, and creative/interactive activities with other students.  One of the interesting courses that I’ve taken is Life Management Skills because it is a subject that is not offered at my home school in Spain, and I’ve learned many valuable lessons about life in the course.

Besides attending both school programs, I also spend a great amount of time doing extracurricular activities including fencing and rugby. Aside from sports, I also enjoy other things like reading, playing video games, and hanging out with friends.

About my future, I find it difficult to decide which is the best option for me, specifically when given the choice of which university to study.  My first intention is to study in Spain, but as I continue the Dual Diploma Program, and enjoy American studies, it isn’t unlikely that I end up studying in the U.S.  I will pursue a major in chemistry and biochemistry and pursue a career related to investigation and laboratory work. I used to think that when I get older it would be only about work, but now I see that it’s possible to combine work with hobbies, being strict with timetables to accomplish what is most important to me.