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Juan Pablo Tigua

Hello you all! My name is Juan Pablo, I’m 16 years old, and I live in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I am currently in the Second Year of High School and in my third year of the Dual Diploma Program. I have been standing out not only in this Program but in some areas of my college, such as being one of the best academic students of my promotion and being the current Student Council vice-president, among other events.

My biggest passions are music, as a trumpeter, photography, reading, and learning foreign languages. I study music at the conservatory of Arts “Antonio Neumane”. I am also interested in pursuing a psychology career because I’d like to study the human brain and its behavior in social and life situations to help people who need it.

Throughout these three Dual Diploma years, I realized that I could strengthen some abilities, such as communication, speaking, writing, and, of course, creativity. Definitely, I’m so privileged to participate every day in the Program, improving my English as a second language; which allows me to get many opportunities. I am so proud of myself, for showing interest and responsibility, and I’d like to thank the Program for this opportunity. I look forward to continuing studying abroad.