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Judith de Cruz

Hello! I am Judith de Cruz, a Psychologist, I have been working in the area of educational guidance for eight years at the Spanish Bilingual School “Liceo Castilla”, in El Salvador. I am currently in charge of guiding students in the Dual Diploma, which is the official program for the international validation of baccalaureate degrees created and developed by Academica. As a school we have been implementing this Program for two years with great success, thanks to the international vision of our Directors.
This double degree program further enriches our educational model that has had the vision, from the beginning, to train students with global competencies who can face new challenges.
As the person in charge of the Academic program, I am excited to see the development that the young people enrolled have obtained, not only in English language skills, but also in their own autonomy, personal and technological growth. The students and their families recognize the excellence of the program, how organized and motivating the teachers are, as well as the support and guidance they receive at all times to achieve their goals.
The Dual has become an important part of what we work in our school “The life and career plan” that seeks to guide students to a correct decision of career and university, since this electives will prepare them among others things to face the application exams to US universities, discover interests in professions such as Criminology, photography, engineering, and others.
I live with my husband, my son, and a little dog, we love to travel and do internal tourism, especially in places where we can be in contact with nature, we enjoy it a lot! I am already telling my son, who is about to turn eleventh year old, about the double degree program, which will undoubtedly be part of his training.
I hope to continue guiding more students in this international experience and I appreciate the confidence in the work that I am doing with much love and dedication.