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Laura Ulloa

Hello! My name is Laura Ulloa. I am the Dual Diploma Program Director at my school, Liceo Secretarial Bilingüe in Guatemala. I am also the English Coordinator for Elementary and High School, plus I teach Grammar & Writing to the graduating class. I’ve been teaching English, especially Grammar & Writing, for more than 25 years. 2020 will be our second year with the program, and it has been an adventure. It represents a great opportunity for our students to reinforce the language, learn to manage time efficiently, and work towards a goal, their High School Diploma from a school in the United States. Our students enjoy the program and give all they have to keep their assignments up to date. In addition, they have learned a lot more from all the live sessions. The number of students enrolled in the program increased for 2020, which makes us feel really proud of the effort these girls are making. The High School diploma opens a lot of doors for them to pursue international studies, and I am sure these girls will make the most out of it.