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Lou Labeaume

Hello, my name is Lou!  I’m a 15-year-old French student and it’s my first year in the Dual Diploma Program.  I have a big family, with lot of brothers and sisters and also lot of pets. I’m crazy about horse-riding, skiing, passing times with my friends, traveling around the world, and listening to music. At school, I’m fond of economics and social sciences, math, and geography. For my elective, I’ve chosen criminology and I am finding this course amazing and very instructive!  We learn about the job of criminologist and lot of aspects of American’ law.  Of course, I love to speak English, which is why I am participating in the Dual Diploma program.  I hope to one day study in the United States of America and maybe one day live there. I’m really touched and happy to be the student of the April’ month.