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Marcela Aguiar de Natali

Hello! My name is Marcela Aguiar de Natali. I am the Secondary Head of the English Department and Dual Diploma Director Program at SGS Loma Verde Bilingual School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have been teaching English at this school for 25 years and coordinated the English Department since 2005.

I believe that English has become an essential requirement in the modern world. Learning a Language means learning about a culture and, in this process, students can discover different aspects of their own culture and become aware of how important it is to appreciate his/her own identity, customs and idiosyncrasy, as well as other cultures, considering the world as a whole and promoting unity, respect and solidarity.

The Dual Diploma is an excellent opportunity for students to foster independent learning and broaden their horizons and culture. It also develops leadership skills and helps them to become self-sufficient. They really enjoy the live sessions as they can interact with students from different nationalities and their teachers, who always make classes very dynamic. We hope to continue participating in the program in the years to come.