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María Laguna

Hi! My name is María Laguna, I am a Secondary and High School teacher of History and Geography. Currently, I am the Coordinator of Dual Program and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at Colegio del Salvador, Zaragoza (Spain). We have just joined the Dual Program with more than 65 students on it from 13 to 16 years old. As a school, we want our students to do their best in every single project they follow, so we are encouraging Dual Diploma students not only to just attend this program but to do it enthusiastically. Knowing that in this modern world, students should take advantage of every single opportunity they have, we have realized that Dual Program improves not only English but other skills related to technology, self-organization or responsibility. Had we known this program before, we would have gone through it as it is awesome! Challenging teacher as I am, I do like this program as I am improving my English and meeting pretty engaging people such as my Area Manager, Susana, and my USA Teacher, Zuilan. Besides, this program allows me to have a special relationship with students.