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María Luisa de la Cruz Briceño

My name is María Luisa de la Cruz Briceño and I am the Program Director of Gondomar School’s Dual Diploma in a town near Madrid called Galapagar. We started taking part in this program in the school year 2017-2018 and it is one of the best decisions we have made so far. Our first student graduated in 2019 and we had the honor of attending a wonderful graduation ceremony in Madrid. It was such a moving experience to be part of this outstanding program. This school year we have 21 students who have joined the Dual Diploma. We are enormously proud to offer our pupils the opportunity to enrich their qualifications, enabling them to improve their technological, English language and organizational skills.
Gondomar School is small in size but huge in the way we teach, treat and care about our students. I have regular meetings with my students to discuss their progress in the program and we schedule at least one day to work together at school if they need it. I aim to be by their side, but I always encourage them to be more independent and responsible and to try things first before asking for help. Throughout these years I have noticed that my Dual Diploma students are more in charge of their assignments, homework and revision and they are more and more independent in their way of learning. I am so proud of them and of being part of this incredible program.