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Mateo López Vilaclara

My name is Mateo López Vilaclara, although my friends just call me “López” or “Lolo”, and I am 15 years old. I live in Argentina, more precisely San Isidro, a city which is a few minutes away from Buenos Aires. I consider drawing, reading, playing videogames, acting, writing and (of course) spending time with my friends as my favorite hobbies. When it comes to sport, I enjoy playing tennis and table tennis. I also love skiing and scuba diving, however, I am unable to do these last two on a regular basis. Right now I’m learning Mandarin Chinese, mostly because I find East Asian culture very interesting.

The reasons why I started the Dual Diploma program? – the future opportunities having the US High School diploma offers and to improve my English skills, thus making me able to communicate with foreigners in an easy way, as English is considered worldwide as a “lingua franca”. I am looking forward to a great year, and it is more than an honor to be recognized as an Outstanding Student!