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Max Calvera

My name is Max, I’m sixteen years old and live in Barcelona. It’s my first year taking Dual Diploma. It’s a big challenge but also a great experience. It’s also my first year at Jesús i Maria School in Barcelona and I’m so happy that the school offered the chance to study the Dual Diploma. What I like best about the program is that it makes you think and it’s super practical. I hate educational systems based on just memorizing and having nice handwriting. I really recommend it to all of the students who want an open and international education experience.

I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I love history, music and audio-visual studies. My favorite bands are the Beatles, Queen, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I also love Elvis Presley’s songs. I don’t have much time for sports but I’m the biggest supporter of Barca football team. I enjoy playing guitar and I’m now trying to play the ukulele and harmonica. I also love traveling and getting to know new cultures. My dream is going to college in the US since this would allow me to study many different subjects I like and decide about my professional future later on. This would also give me the chance to experience American lifestyle personally.