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Nathan Simon

Hi! My name is Nathan Simon, I am 15 and I am a French student. I play soccer for 9 years, and I’m a huge fan of football. My favorite team has just won the Superbowl: the Kansas City Chiefs. When I have some free time, I love making beats, and one of my dreams is to be a professional beatmaker/producer. I have been experiencing the Dual Diploma Program for 2 years and I’m very glad to be the student of this month! English is my favorite subject at school. So, when I got the opportunity to enter this program, I didn’t hesitate! Currently, I take two courses: English IV and Digital Photography. In my opinion, the Dual Diploma Program is a great thing that most students should experiment because it improves our English level, and we learn new things, such as in courses that we don’t have in my country: digital photography, criminology, engineering etc. I plan to study architecture or engineering because I’m interested in two things: all jobs that are related to yachting, and jobs that are related to music. And I have one advice to give you: always follow your dreams!