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Pablo Pozo Ruiz

My name is Pablo and is a pleasure for me to write these little lines. So, firstly, I would like thank to Academica for this opportunity.
As a short introduction, to say that I work in a school called Sagrado Corazón of Granada (Spain), belonging to the “Educational Foundation Sofía Barat”. This school serves the complete official teaching, from Infantile (children 3 years) to Bachillerato (youngs 18 years). I have been teaching in this great school for six years and I am very happy, as all the educative community (colleagues, workers, families, students…) is wonderful. My teaching subjects are Mathematics and Information and Communications Technology. And the ages of my students are between 14 and 18.
As soon I received the proposal to manage the Diploma Dual Program in our school, I had very clear. From the first moment, the presentation of Academica, of its project, of its concept, I seemed highly professional, interesting, and attractive. Without any doubt, a fantastic option for our teenagers, for their academic and personal development. The Dual Diploma offers very large advantages, such as autonomy and organization in the study tasks, knowledge about the future canals of learning (digital platforms, communications and content creations apps…), facility with the English language in all its skills, the projection to others cultures and work methods, the personal responsibility, perceive the importance of the effort and the commitment, etc.
And, to all the previous, is needed to add the fabulous and impeccable competence of the whole Academica work team. The quality of its human resources is amazing. Teachers, administrative and technical staff, managers…, everyone, owners of perfect professionalism, training, education, vocation, amiability, devotion, helpfulness.
It is a privilege and luck to be part of this adventure. Students and Directors Program are delighted with the experience and we recommend it