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Rafał Staszewski

My name is Rafał Staszewski. I have been teaching English for a few years now giving lessons both privately (one-on-one) as well as in language schools. Now, I have the pleasure to be an English teacher as well as the Program Director in ŻAGLE High School, which is located in the capital city of Poland – Warsaw.

ŻAGLE School is an institution that was created in 2004 by families that craved to educate their children in the proper environment as well as convey the values they themselves hold dear in their lives. Since then, the school has grown and now consists not only of the primary school but also of the high school. At present, there are 550 students attending ŻAGLE School.

The idea of joining Dual Diploma program sprang up suddenly at our school and after a thorough examination of the topic, we decided to take the opportunity and participate in such an endeavour. Although we have just begun our journey with Dual Diploma, we are highly motivated and we hope to promote it among conscientious and diligent students so that they benefit from the knowledge they can acquire through the program, improve their English, and encounter different cultures.

I am proud that our school is a part of Dual Diploma and look forward to what it brings in the future.