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Rita Villaverde

Hi there! My name is Rita Villaverde. I live in Madrid, Spain with my mother and my grandmother. This is my second and last year in the Dual Diploma, because I’m also finishing my High School here in Spain. I’ve enjoyed this experience in the Dual Diploma, because I have learnt a lot of new things and I have improved my English. It’s true that it has been hard sometimes, I’ve got a lot of work from the school and also from this course, but the effort has been worth it.
Well, maybe I can tell a little bit about myself. There’s not much to say: I’m 17 years old, I love living in Madrid… I love reading books, listening to music and watching movies, I also like going out with my friends. I’m looking forward going to the U.S this summer, and also I’m really excited because next year I’ll go for the very first time to university. Oh! I almost forgot, I love Harry Potter Saga (books and movies)
Finally, I would love to thank everyone who has trusted in my and have thought that I could overcome any obstacle in my studies. I think that’s all… Thank you!