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Stefano Bracciali

Hi, I’m Stefano Bracciali and here are a couple of things about me: I was born in 2003 in a little city in Italy where I still live with my family and where I go to school.
I pretty much enjoy studying and my school always keeps me busy, but when I have some free time, I spend it doing what I like.
I consider myself a sporty guy, sure enough I’ve played ice hockey for almost ten years but now I play floorball and I practice it two or three times a week. During holidays I also love skiing and this year I also started to go kitesurfing. Obviously, I don’t spend all my time studying and doing sports, I also chill out playing video games or watching series.
I decided to start the Dual Diploma program to challenge myself and do something more interesting and charming than my regular school. Therefore, I’d like to study in a foreign country like USA and travel around the world.