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Susana Robledo López

My name is Susana. I live in Madrid, Spain, with my husband, Javier and my ten-year old son.
English has accompanied me through my life. My first English words were pronounced at the age of six at the International American School in Holland. After that memorable experience I realized that I wanted to study English Philology and become a language teacher for the rest of my life. So I have been teaching English for twenty-two years to teenagers in primary and secondary school. And I still think that I have enough energy for twenty more.
I currently coordinate the Dual Diploma Program at Santa Catalina de Sena School in Madrid, which is a new challenge in learning languages and makes me feel proud to see how my students improve their speaking skills and gain autonomy and responsibility.
In my free time I love reading and I also enjoy travelling with my family around the world, finding new opportunities to widen language skills, to learn the values of other cultures and meeting really interesting people.