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Xavier Plazas

My name is Xavier Plazas. I have been a teacher for 34 years now. I spent my two first years as a part-time kindergarten teacher where I found out I loved this job. At present, I am the Head of the English Department in Institució – La Farga (Sant Cugat, Barcelona) where I have been enjoying this job for 32 years.

Our school is a familial Institution which was born in 1969 thanks to a group of parents who were deeply concerned by their children’s schooling. Nowadays, there are 1550 students who trust these first parents’ attitude is worth being followed since we are glad to believe we consider our students to be growing not only intellectually but also personally.

Bearing this in mind , when we were told, 5 years ago, there was the possibility to obtain the American High School Diploma, we dived into it. We could not allow ourselves to miss this opportunity of personal growth. We were totally right. Those who have already graduated openly express their gratitude stating they have developed skills, such as self-organization or AI competence, which they would have hardly achieved at such a high level but for the program. Not to mention, how much they all have improved their English and their global vision of the world. Though going through it is demanding, it has proved to be highly rewarding.

As the program Director, I have had the pleasure of being part of it which has meant a lot to me, too. I have not simply learnt many things about the US schooling but most important met really nice people, from Academica staff members to other program Directors. Not to mention working in the Batxillerat Dual with our students has allowed me to know them much better. Being in the program has been an overall success. Thank you.