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Ana Llinares

My name is Ana Llinares, I am Spanish (native) and I have a degree in English Philology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and an MBA from Instituto de Empresa Madrid.

Since 2008 I have been working as an English teacher at Colegio Santa Teresa in Calahorra, La Rioja. Currently I am in charge of the Languages Area of the School, including being responsible for the English Extracurricular part of the school, the English Department and also the Dual Diploma Programme.

Our experience with the Dual Diploma has been a complete success, at its inception four years ago with 3 students and now more than 25 have joined us. We highly recommend this programme to students since it gives them very useful tools to face/to be prepared for their future studies, dealing with the latest technology, English in real context and very challenging content.

Besides teaching and English, I love reading, cooking and spending my time with my wonderful family and everyday I wake up I sincerely thank God for all he has given me.