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Jérémy Cumer

I am a 16-year-old student, and I live in France. Next year, I will take my French baccalaureate and get my American baccalaureate thanks to Academica. I like sport (especially football), I play the trumpet and chess… and above all, I like travelling with my family, to discover new cultures and different ways of life.
2 years ago, I discovered Academica, thanks to my middle school/high school. I am pleased to learn American culture, history and to master the English language. I also enjoy having a direct contact with an American teacher, who encourages students to speak fluently and without any stress.
To my mind, it is a really enriching experience and a plus for my future studies. Indeed, I would like to study politics so as to become an ambassador. That is the reason why foreign languages and general knowledge are essential for me.